Tips for Kids Trading Pokemon Cards (Especially Rares) - Pokemon TCG

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Trading Pokemon Cards For Kids - Pokemon TCG

Are you one of the millions of kids who love Pokemon and enjoy taking part in the Pokemon trading card game (Pokemon TCG)? Do you want to get more tips on how to get a good trade and make the game more interesting? Worry no more! Following these steps will help you ensure that you always end up with a fair trade and can improve your deck to its full potential!

Sylveon Tips for Trading Pokemon Cards for Kids Kawaii Collector
Sylveon - Trading Pokemon Cards

Never Accept Pokemon Card Trades That You Haven’t Researched

You should always be prepared when trading Pokemon Cards, this means that you should know the value of each card involved in the trade. If someone is offering you twenty cards for one card, it may not be a good deal despite the number of cards. This is because each Pokemon card has a rarity level that you can see in the bottom right or left corner (depending on set). Keeping the trading in the ratios of one to one is generally a good idea. Ultra Rares, Secret Rares & Rares will likely be targets for people trying to make an unfair trade in Pokemon TCG.

Charizard - Hidden Fates

For example, you will realize that most of the worst trades happen when one individual has an extraordinarily rare Pokemon card. Also, you'll find yourself in this situation if the other party provides not-so-rare Pokemon cards for your exceptionally unique Pokemon card. In this case, one individual is bound to be ripped off.

However, you need to keep in mind that some Pokemon cards are valued higher compared to other Pokemon cards of the same rarity. For example, the Golden card below is worth less than some other golden cards!

Rare Card Example

pokemon card gold air balloon trading pokemon tcg
Air Balloon

Non-Rare Example

trading pokemon tcg pokemon cards blipbug

Don't Feel Like You're Forced

Don't feel like you're forced to complete the trade. It is crucial to pick up your Pokemon cards and then walk away in the case where you feel forced. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t trade Pokemon cards because you want to please someone or because they’re your friend. So, sell or buy these cards only if you're comfortable with the trade.

However, there is another rule you should follow even if you feel comfortable about a trade. This rule is...

Asking For a Second Opinion

Let your friends keep you informed about what they know about this trade. Doing this is crucial since it will ensure that you're fully updated on individual rarity. This allows you to know if the value of a particular Pokemon card has risen. Thus, it will prevent you from finding yourself in an unfair trade.

Trading Pokemon Cards will bear the best results if more people come together and share their views.

Trade With People Your Age

In most cases, bad trades happen when an older person trades Pokemon cards with a younger kid. This issue occurs because the younger person does not know the value of the Pokemon cards, and the older individual tries to take advantage of this. There are fewer chances of getting hustled if you trade with someone your age.

kid on step pokemon cards kawaii collector

Enjoy The Trade

You need to enjoy trading Pokemon cards if you want to reap the best results at the end of the day. Take this step even in the cases where you have started running a fair trade. Don't trade the cards if you're not happy about it.

We have some Pokemon cards that you can look at below, only buy these with your parent's permission if you are under 18!


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Pikachu happy with a good pokemon card trade kawaii collector
Trading Pokemon Cards - Pikachu

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